The Lift Engineering Company

"To reduce and optimise the life cycle of a lift order, SAMAT, the lift engineering company, offers you the design of lifts and the improvement of your sales, manufacturing and installation processes".


Expand your range of lifts

Gearless, traction, hidraulycs

High performance lifts, special ones

Expand and improve your range of LIFTS if you…

  1. … your customers turn to your competitor to complete their lift portfolio
  2. … you would like to lighten your chassis or to have your own steel structure
  3. … you want to improve the communication between the technical office and your factory

How can we help you? Our PLAN for you is based on…

  • Lift design. We will understand your problem the first time, you won’t have to waste a lot of time explaining it to us.
  • The best design and calculation software on the market. We will save time from the first moment and we will shorten the delivery time.
  • Our methodology is proven and improved every day, it won’t be an adventure! We will go practical and safe.

👇🏻 From SAMAT : our proposal for you 👇🏻


If you do not have enough time to develop new elevators


Lending you our time !


If you do not have enough resources to develop special lifts


Lending our experts !


If you need to improve your processes in the lift industry


Lending our methodology !

At SAMAT we offer you to be your partner for the design of lifts and elevators, as well as to optimise your engineering and manufacturing processes..


  • Because of our design based on the finite element calculation method, which tells us where there is too much and too little steel.
  • Because we are up to date with benchmarking studies and our knowledge of the current lift regulations.
  • Because of our experience and because our clients tell us so: we can design from the structure of a lift, panoramic cabins and very special, gearless solutions!

With us you can go higher, carry more weight and get there faster.

Diseño de ascensores completo, gearless, hidráulicos, eléctricos

Our proposal for you

  • We take note of the characteristics of the lift you want us to design and your means of manufacture.
  • We develop a pre-design of your new lift with structural calculations.
  • After your OK or correction, final detailed engineering and you will have a new model to offer to your customers!

Why do Wittur, Schindler, MP, Lifttechnik, Braun Aufzüge,… choose us?

  1. We know about lift mechanics: how they work, how they are manufactured and installed.
  2. We know the sector and the regulations in force
  3. We are an experienced team with specialised software

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