The SAMAT Method

A process refined with years and experience to become the best in the process automation field: Lean Engineering.

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Process analysis

We analyze, in collaboration with the client, the current processes followed to develop an order or project, focusing on those that do not add value and/or require a lot of time from an engineer.

Digital model

We become experts in the product or process to automate, creating a Digital Model of it, fully functional to apply the best strategy, what we call a data configurator, which includes a Product Configurator, to obtain the data needed for manufacturing, the Sales Configurator, with a truthful offer and without dependence on technical staff and the Technical Configurator, used to develop new or special products.

Automated Engineering

We apply engineering to this Model through refined and optimized by experience and knowledge-based techniques, relying on the DriveWorks tool (or ANSYS in the case of structural calculations), which will offer us deliverables automatically and will be used to define workflows.

Process automation

What information do we need?

Technical sheets, manuals, internal procedures, drawings, 3D models,… everything that guarantees to obtain the knowledge of the product.

How do we detect bottlenecks?

We analyze the different processes that the client follows and we focus on the most unproductive ones, or those that are not completely defined.

How do we work in this phase?

Hand-in-hand with the client, at the beginning. From SAMAT, to present options and solutions. And always in continuous contact.

What is a Digital Model?

A copy of the process and/or product in digital format: 3D, workflows, etc.

What can be automated?

Any process that is carried out by hand and/or following engineering rules and any design/calculation with diverse configurations and options.

How do we do the study?

Without haste, measuring each process, observing how the client does it, analyzing the 3D models and the necessary deliverables. Seeing how the different departments relate to each other.

What do we need to imbue the rules in the Model?

To know them in detail and to know the interdependencies between them and the model.

Do I need to program?

In principle, no. And if we do, it will be because it adds value to the process and reduces times or phases.

What is a workflow?