Validation of the disassembly of wind turbine bushings

When the loss risk is high, the structural calculation is a must.

Validation by means of structural calculation of the maintenance procedure for wind turbine hubs

Customer requirements

  • Confirm the procedure for dismantling wind turbine bushings
  • Check that the bushing decoupling sequence is adequate and that the bolted joint will withstand the process.

Project approach and development

  • 60 hours of SAMAT Engineering were required
  • The calculation was based on the customer’s 3D models
  • The bolted joint was calculated, including the tightening torque, by means of a non-linear calculation

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Main features

  • Wind turbine bushing screwed to the gondola using 40 quality and metric screws.
  • Validation of different prestressing systems required

Advantages obtained by Adyd when counting on SAMAT

  1. The procedure validation is obtained, avoiding serious risks of loss of very valuable equipment
  2. Safety guarantee for the staff carrying out the maintenance process: assembly and disassembly of the bushing
  3. Progress of your projects while SAMAT was performing the calculations

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