Structures adaptation for wind turbines

Development and adaptation of the client's product to new orders

Structure adaptation for wind turbines

Client requirements

  • Adaptation of existing elevator models to the wind turbine towers presented to the company by its customers.
  • Obtaining the deliverables for manufacturing and assembly: detailed installation drawings and comprehensive material lists..
  • Shortening the delivery time of the equipment

Project approach and development

  • Five-year partnership
  • The project was developed using bags of hours, which were invoiced at the end of each month.
  • The client informed us about their internal developments and the procedures they used to adapt each elevator in each wind turbine tower.
  • Through a common control of projects and hours, the client was always aware of what we had developed and how much we had dedicated to each task, which gave him total control of the project.

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Main features

  • Redesign and adaptation of elevators and tower internals
  • Understanding of various elevator models, features, guide location forms, etc.
  • Drawings according to Avanti requirements: A1 drawings, A2 drawings,…

Benefits for Avanti due to its reliance on SAMAT

  1. Quality support for the development of the client’s projects
  2. Opportunity for Avanti staff to spend more time on other higher value-added work.
  3. Meeting deadlines with final clients.
  4. Collaborative engineering for many other tasks of various kinds, such as calculations, product designs,…
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