Structural validation of an overhead crane trolley

Comprehensive calculation of an overhead crane trolley

Structural analysis of a 300 Tm overhead crane trolley

Customer requirements

  • Initially, thoroughly validate the design of a overhead crane trolley according to their calculation specifications.
  • Subsequently, complete the design with successive calculation iterations.

Project approach and development

  • 200 hours of SAMAT Engineering were required.
  • Based on the client’s 3D models, the calculation was elaborated with different scenarios defined by the client.
  • Validation of liability welds and bolted joints with tightening torque according to Eurocode.
  • Recommendations to avoid components that operated off the elastic limit of the material.

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Main features

  • Movable steel structure that supports different loads with values depending on time and located in different places on the trolley, with a maximum peak of 300 Tm.
  • Need to validate the different steel types and the connections.
  • Different scenarios with a lot of configurability in the calculation.
  • A much lower calculation deadline than the standard calculation deadline was required.

Benefits obtained by Jaso when relying on SAMAT

  1. The client obtained the best possible solution.
  2. The security of the equipment was guaranteed.
  3. The client was able to work on the progress of other projects while SAMAT was performing the calculations

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