Structural analysis of a container of electrical equipment

A seismic calculation according to Japanese regulations and other complex scenarios

Structural analysis of an electrical equipment container for Japan

Customer requirements

  • Validate the initial design of a container according to its calculation specifications, especially under seismic conditions according to the Japanese standard JEAG 5003-2010.

Planning and development of the project

  • 100 hours of SAMAT Engineering were required
  • From the client’s 3D models the calculation was made with various scenarios defined by the client, the most complicated: earthquake according to Japanese regulations due to the difficulty in finding a copy and translating it.
  • We relied on AREX, Aragón Exterior, where we found support for the required formalities with Japan.
  • Responsibility weld validation

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Main features

  • Mobile steel container supporting various loads of electrical equipment placed inside
  • The need to validate the different snow, wind and seismic scenarios.
  • Validate the best lifting system proposed by the end-client, to check that the doors and their enclosures will not suffer excessive deformations.

Advantages obtained by Equimodal with SAMAT

  1. Obtaining the best possible solution
  2. Security guarantee on their equipment
  3. Progress of their own projects while SAMAT was performing the calculations

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