Rotating machinery structure design

Example of collaboration while the client develops the rest of the project.

Design and structural calculation of a load-bearing structure machine

Est Tezasa

Customer requirements

  • Design and validation of a structure to use as support of equipment for the collection and treatment of samples in a mineral facility in Central America.
  • Development of production drawings and technical assembly instructions.
  • Highly-detailed technical report on the development of the calculation to support the design performed.

Project approach and development

  • The project required 400 hours of Ingeniería SAMAT.
  • SAMAT developed the structure according to the client’s specific demands and final client’s requests.
  • All types of calculations are carried out, especially seismic, according to the American regulations. 76DC5712 33A2 4032 9704 B7A669E670D8
  • We edit plans and manuals to facilitate manufacture and assembly on site.

Main features

  • The structure is to be installed in an ATEX atmosphere, so it cannot be welded on site.
  • The structure must be designed considering its location and environment, which severely restrains our options to approach the project.
  • The structure has 3 floors with different uses and technical requirements.F7FDAF06 E923 4415 9B56 82061A8F885F
  • Close collaboration with the client in order work in coordination following the same guidelines: design and calculation iterations.

Advantages obtained by Tezasa when relying on SAMAT

  1. Obtention the best solution in the shortest possible time lapse.
  2. Guarantee of total security of the structure and ease of integration into the client’s global project.
  3. Chance to go on working on their projects at the same time that SAMAT was building the structure.

Est Tezasa2

Once manufactured installed and in service!


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