Roller conveyor automation

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Roller conveyor automation

Client requirements

  • Enhance efficiency in the technical office process, reducing the time needed to obtain final manufacturing drawings.
  • Reuse order records by customers and types.
  • Automate the PDM warehouse to avoid the repetition of references and codes.

Project approach and development.

  • The project required the investment of over 600 hours of Ingeniería SAMAT.
  • Our staff was extensively trained on roller conveyors.
  • Definition of the respective department processes by the client.
  • Creation of parametric 3D models using SolidWorks to allow their automation.
  • Engineering rules integration in DriveWorks.
  • In company training.

Main features

  • Conveyors with several parameters to combine.
  • Improving interdepartmental communication and unifying 3D design standards.
  • Complete standardisation with the integration of all models into one.
  • Possibility of the sales department to use it for bidding.

Client benefits provided by SAMAT

  1. 99% reduction of time in the technical office
  2. The customer receives training and new knowledge for future projects. He is self-sufficient to carry them out.
  3. Engineers are freed from tedious tasks and can add value to projects.
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