Renovation of an existing overhead crane trolley

Special engineering work to solve problems within a short deadline.

Renovation of an existing overhead crane trolley.

Client requirements

  • Redesign and validate the solution of an existing overhead crane trolley that presents continuous structural problems due to misuse.
  • Creation of drawings for manufacturing and relevant technical manuals in order to be able to produce the solution.
  • Detailed technical documentation of the development of the adapted modifications for subsequent registration and validation by a notified body.

Project approach and development

  • The project required 300 SAMAT working hours.
  • SAMAT modeled the existing trolley using the customer’s A2 paper drawings, resulting in a SolidWorks version that was easier to work with.
  • Redesign of the trolley to avoid the problems mentioned above and calculation by the finite element software ANSYS.
  • Edition of both drawings and manuals for production.
  • The technical report is made for subsequent validation by the competent administration.

Main features

  • The top-running of the cart and the front part of the cart suffered some interference, which over time ended up tearing the joint welds.
  • The entire front end was redeveloped and to avoid such unwanted and damaging collisions.
  • Leveraging the project, the entire cart was calculated using ANSYS to ensure that the rest of the set worked safely.
  • Working closely with the customer to progress in the same direction.

Benefits for the client by relying on SAMAT

  1. Obtaining an engineering solution according to the client´s needs.
  2. Guarantee of security in the renovated equipment.
  3. Progress of other projects while SAMAT was carrying out the project described.
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