Mechanical design for lifts in existing buildings

150 mm pit, 1500 kg P+Q, a record in the sector!

Integral mechanical design for hydraulic lift for trenches and reduced escapes

Customer Needs

  • Extend the product range for existing buildings with reduced pits and escapes.
  • Complete the family of hydraulic lifts offered by your usual suppliers.
  • Solution for oblong, mechanical double pulley shafts with very small deliveries.

Project approach and development

  • More than 700 hours of SAMAT engineering were spent.
  • Integral development: design, calculations, technical data sheets, assembly manuals.
  • Prototyping and testing in a specialized technology centre.
  • Elevator exhibited at the Interlift 2013 fair.

Main features

  • Hydraulic backpack elevator at 0.63 m/sp for existing buildings.
  • Pit: 200 mm Flight: 2600 mm.
  • Q = 630 kg –P+Q = 1500 kg.
  • Applicable standard: EN 81-2.
  • Design, calculations and manufacturing according to the client’s standards.

Advantages obtained by Raloe when relying on SAMAT

  1. The time-to-market was dramatically reduced compared to other projects of the group.
  2. New ideas were incorporated into the elevator design as well as subsequent order management.
  3. Ease to obtain special elevators as a result of this model.
  4. Beginning of a profitable period of collaboration over several years with an expert elevator engineering company.
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Mechanical design for lifts in existing buildings

150 mm pit, 1500 kg P+Q, a record in the sector!

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