Homelift structure calculation

Calculation of metal structure to host elevators

Calculation and validation of a metal structure to accommodate lifts

Client requirements

  • Validation of the design made by the client to be able to market it with all the guarantees. The client wants to achieve the best method for calculating his structure, as well as the most reliable bolted joints.
  • Calculation of all actions in the service life of the elevator in an efficient way

Project approach and development

  • The project required more than 100 engineering hours of Ingeniería SAMAT
  • Starting from the client´s drawings, our engineers developed the structures with Spaceclaim
  • The Eurocode and the typical actions of an elevator are used to properly carry out the load calculation and apply it to the structure
  • The favorable results of the calculation are reflected in a technical report

Domoespais 01

Main features

  • Structure up to 30 meters high
  • The validated structure can host two different elevator models.
  • The performed calculations cover various load cases and combinations of them.

Benefits obtained by Domoespais by relying on Ingeniería Samat.

  • Reduction of the time-to-market due to a reliable and succesful project.
  • The client is provided with the best option thanks to SAMAT’s knowledge of the elevator industry.
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