Extension of the lift product range

When something very specific is needed in the lift industry, and the sooner the better.

Design for the extension of the lift range up to 1600 kg.

Client requirements

  • Expand the existing product range to provide more service to clients so that they do not turn to other competitors for these needs.
  • This project should neither affect the course of current innovation projects nor enlarge the structure of the department.
  • Safe industrialization according to their quality standards.

Project approach and development

  • The project required over 450 hours of Ingeniería SAMAT
  • The new models were developed from the 1250 kg models, in compliance with EMESA’s standards and its production process.
  • The frames and bedframes were calculated according to the current regulations at the time, la EN 81-1
  • Creation of parametric drawings, data sheets and complete assembly manuals.

Main features

  • Wide range of chassis up to 1600 kg for electric lifts with 2:1 arrangement.
  • Open delivery of all project deliverables and 3D design.

Emesa’s benefits from relying on SAMAT

  • Reduction of the time-to-market due to the guarantee of the project success.
  • Project developed in parallel with the client’s, therefore it does not affect the client’s schedule.
  • Thanks to our lift industry knowledge, we were able to offer the best option.
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