Documentation of a platform for CE certification

Everything you need to obtain the CE certification in a short time.

Technical documentation for a range of lifting platforms.

Client requirements

  • Preparation of technical documentation for the CE marking of lifting platforms in the shortest timeframe.
  • To have modern technical manuals for assembly, use and maintenance appropriate to the product.
  • Validation of the platforms by means of finite element calculation.

Project approach and development

  • Over 500 working hours of Ingeniería SAMAT.
  • The client’s product was checked with regard to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC to ensure compliance.
  • A risk analysis was completed eliminating controversial points and reducing the risks associated with the platforms, based on ISO 12100:2010 Machine Safety.
  • Calculation of material suitability and product quality using ANSYS.
  • Close communication between SAMAT, the various suppliers of safety equipment and the Notified Body.

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Main features

  • Definition and explanation of the range of use of the various platforms.
  • Detailed assembly, use and maintenance manuals.
  • Final Compliance Statement.

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Benefits obtained by Hidráulica Lluis from relying on SAMAT

  1. Management ensured the success of the project, since SAMAT was in charge of its development. In this case, it was decided not to hire an engineer “because he would be dedicated to everything except preparing the documentation”.
  2. Significant time saving compared to the project development by your own means.
  3. Fresh, innovative outside perspectives to be applied to the client’s current methods.
  4. Gateway to other projects.
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