Design of a gas bottle structure

We have to avoid conducting a rehearsal of any kind!

Design and structural calculation of a load-bearing structure of gas bottles

Customer requirements

  • Design and validation of a structure for the road transport of gas bottles.
  • Creation of production drawings and technical manuals.
  • Very detailed technical report of the development of the calculation for submission to an inspection body.

Project approach and development

  • 500 hours of SAMAT Engineering were employed.
  • SAMAT developed the structure according to the experience of the client with whom we maintained permanent contact.
  • Explicit calculation of truck overturning.
  • We edit plans and manuals for perfect manufacturing.

Main features

  • Intensive use of ANSYS and of a license rented specially for the explicit calculation.
  • The client wanted to avoid the need for a physical test by doing this calculation.
  • The French inspection body validated the documentation submitted by the client.
  • Close collaboration with the client to move in the same direction: design and calculation iterations.

Benefits obtained by Calvera when relying on SAMAT

  1. Obtention the best possible solution.
  2. Guarantee of safety in their equipment avoiding physical test.
  3. Progress of their other projects while SAMAT was performing the calculations.
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