Certification of maximum load supported by an industrial rack.

To comply with the Prevention of Labor Risks Law.

Certification through structural calculation of an industrial rack

Customer requirements

  • To know for sure the maximum permissible weight of a shelf.
  • Under the responsibility of the labour risk prevention, it was necessary to know the type of loads and how they should be placed.

Project approach and development

  • The project required over 50 hours of Ingeniería SAMAT
  • Structural calculation with ANSYS, of the shelves according to the current regulations on these elements: UNE-EN 15512: Storage on metal shelves.
  • Preparation of a warning sign with instructions to be followed by all personnel who will use the shelves.


Main features

  • Metal structures with unknown origin and no use or maintenance manuals, only the material from which they are made was certain.
  • They are two similar shelves with a very specific load type.

Benefits obtained by the client when relying on Ingeniería SAMAT.

  1. At last, absolute security of what the described structures can support.
  2. Remove risks for both people and objects.
  3. Usage and maintenance protocol.
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