Bedframes and cabin modeling in Liftdesigner

We model as the client works and shorten deadlines.

Liftdesigner modeling of bedplates and cabins for the 3300 Series.

Client requirements

  • Shortening of the project deadline.
  • Reduction of the workload of the technical office.

Project approach and development

  • The project required over 100 hours from Ingeniería SAMAT.
  • SAMAT modeled a series of bedframes and cabin decorations, according to the DigiPara system built into the Liftdesigner tool.
  • Follow-up meetings were held at the client’s facilities.
  • Alternatives to the more traditional methods used by Schindler and customized training were offered.  A9A53E5F B967 4825 813E 093292B751F9

Main features

  • Modeling of all cabin components, including complex geometry handrails.
  • Highly detailed, parametric edition of the different bedframes, ready to be installed in the customer’s libraries. 8F3E40E7 9B50 4B81 A885 E554900631DA
  • Close collaboration with the client to progress in the same direction.

Schindler’s benefits from relying on SAMAT

  1. Time saving for the client in completing the global project, by assigning us part of it.
  2. New work methodologies, not requested, but offered by SAMAT as added value to the project.
  3. Full conviction that the work is well done and delivered on time.
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