Automation of special elevator cabins

Removing the bottleneck in the technical office in order to take full advantage of production capacity

Automation of high-performance elevator cabins

Customer requirements

  • Availability of a 100% reliable elevator cabin configurator
  • Essential: to optimize the high manufacturing capacity of the company, reduced by the bottleneck caused by the technical office not being able to absorb all the orders that the company can receive.
  • Reduce drastically the workload of their most qualified engineering staff
  • Increase productivity by reducing time and errors in the development of orders, ensuring the integrity of manufacturing.

Project approach and development

  • More than 1,500 SAMAT engineering hours were spent
  • Creation of parametric 3D models using SolidWorks to be automated from customer DWG drawings
  • Include engineering rules in DriveWorks after multiple onsite sessions and weekly videoconferences
  • Project development by component modules: ceilings, floors, sides, entrances, decorations, etc.

Main features

  • Possibility to create any cabin of the product range, either standard or special
  • Dump order data directly from the CRM database
  • Creation of a history, easily reusable for new editions or similar orders
  • Obtaining all the deliverables necessary for manufacturing: DXF, PDF, complete drawings, list of materials,…

Advantages of SAMAT for Aufzüge Braun

  1. Reduction of office time from two weeks to two hours
  2. Generates knowledge for the client and their new projects
  3. Engineers are freed from tedious tasks and able to add value to the product: from two engineers to one salesperson.
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Get to know the SAMAT method

Mechanical engineering services at a high level of customization, with high productivity increases.




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