Automation of industrial ladders

It is essential to free qualified technicians from repetitive tasks.

Automation of industrial stairs for maintenance and assembly

Client requirements

  • Increase agility and reliability in obtaining factory deliverables
  • To greatly reduce the workload of your most qualified engineering staff
  • Increase productivity by reducing order processing times

Project approach and development

  • More than 1,200 hours of SAMAT engineering were invested in the project
  • The working days were scheduled every month with a long-term calendar
  • It was agreed that a working hours pool would be set up to undertake new requirements
  • Creation of parametric 3D models using SolidWorks to allow their automation
  • We included engineering rules in DriveWorks
  • Ongoing communication was maintained with the client via Trello

Main Features

  • Structure with stairs up to 4 meters in height and length
  • Compliance with staircase regulations: UNE EN 131-7 “Mobile ladders with platform”
  • Complete standardization with the unification of the models into one.
  • Possibility of use by the commercial team for quoting

Advantages obtained by Esla by relying on SAMAT

  1. 99% reduction in office time
  2. The client is trained and becomes fully capable of developing new projects.
  3. Engineers can work on adding value to the product, as they are freed from tedious tasks.
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