Automation of a structure for lifts

How to reduce time in the technical office to the minimum.

Automation of a structure to hold elevators.

Client requirements

  • Gain efficiency and reliability when obtaining factory deliverables.
  • Assure the elimination of errors in the technical documentation process for production.
  • Free up resources in the technical department to increase productivity.

Project approach and development

  • More than 1,000 hours of SAMAT engineering were spent on the project.
  • Once we got the technical information of the product, we became experts in it.
  • Creation of parametric 3D models using SolidWorks for their automation.
  • Engineering rules incorporation in DriveWorks.
  • Continuous communication and follow-up meetings with the client.

Main features

  • Lift support structure up to 30 meters high.
  • More than a billion possible configurations with all eligible parameters.
  • Possibility to select any client structure with guarantees.
  • Option of use by the commercial team for bidding.

Benefits obtained by the client by relying on SAMAT

  1. 95% reduction of the technical office time.
  2. The client acquires new knowledge for his new projects, being self-reliant to develop them.
  3. Engineers are freed from tedious tasks so they can add value to the product.
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Get to know the SAMAT method

Mechanical engineering services at a high level of customization, with high productivity increases.




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