Analysis of a car lift performance

Giving confidence and security after a good client project.

Structural calculation of a car lift

Customer requirements

  • Validate the design made by the client and ensure a prototype before installation to apply corrective measures before commissioning. All this, according to EN 81-20.
  • Check if four guides are necessary or if two are enough
  • Meticulous calculation of liability bolted joints.
  • In addition, the customer is offered innovative calculation scenarios, such as vehicle entry and braking within the platform.

Project approach and development

  • The project required 80 hours of Ingeniería SAMAT.
  • The calculation was made from the client’s 3D models.
  • The option of 2 or 4 guides was contemplated, finding out that the first option was recommended for a certain distance between the guides´ fastening points.

Main features

  • Elevator with 4,000 kg payload and 0.8 m/s.
  • Calculation in operation, impact against the puffer and vehicle entry/exit.
  • Scenarios with two and four guides, taking into consideration the distance between fastening points.

Advantages obtained by Lifttechnik with SAMAT

  1. Full validation of the chassis and cab as a whole.
  2. Equipment safety guarantee.
  3. To be sure that the design is the most suitable.

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