To empower your Excel, SolidWorks, PDM, Liftdesigner, ANSYS, SpaceClaim, DriveWorks We boost the potential of these tools by programming.


Editing macros

Frames are customized applications created by programming, generally in Visual Basic or Net, that allow to automate repetitive actions and/or to link several actions to save time and resources, and above all, to be executed without human interaction.

Some examples that we have successfully developed from SAMAT:

For SolidWorks:

  • Eliminate configurations of unused assemblies and parts
  • Eliminate drawings of large useless assemblies
  • Create and rename metal sheet display DXF files
  • Generate PDF files or eDrawings of parts and place them in a specific folder
  • Scroll a component tree and print drawings of active components
  • etc.

For Excel:

  • Adapt complex calculations to Excel in different regulations
  • Validation of data input and dump to other resources of the company
  • Link between Excel and ANSYS for information exchange (I/O) (E/S)
  • etc.

For DigiPara Liftdesigner:

  • Complete elevator automation for installation drawings and list of materials
  • Automation of cabin and level buttons
  • etc.

For DriveWorks:

  • Routines to link different phases without human interference
  • Cleaning of assemblies
  • Dozens of tasks related to SolidWorks
  • etc.

Scripts editionscripts

Scripts are pieces of code embedded in a specific software that do not automate tedious tasks, long in time and that do not add value to our work.

SAMAT’s main works in this field have been

  • In SpaceClaim: with Python
  • In Mechanical, by ANSYS: with JavaScript
  • In Workbench, by ANSYS: with Python

Some achievements with our Scripts:

  • Obtain the average surface area of the shell elements. 95% time saving
  • Cleaning of geometry: drills, oblong, rounding, corners, etc. 99% time saving
  • Create contour conditions: supports, embedments, etc. 50% savings
  • Create calculation scenarios: 50% time savings
  • Data dump from ANSYS to Excel
  • Obtaining automatic result reports. Time saving of 70%.


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