DriveWorks Pro

Product configurator to automate SolidWorks models and engineering, technical office, and sales processes.

DriveWorksPro software

The most complete Product Configurator on the market

With DriveWorks Pro we dare to do anything. We can configure any product: elevators, truck trailers, cargo containers, shelves, designer furniture, metal structures, concrete warehouses, playgrounds, … Any product that has variability, extreme configurability and engineering rules defined, is susceptible to be automated by SAMAT.

Our methodology ensures success: SolidWorks CAD and its associated drawings are intimately integrated with the configuration rules that we introduce in DriveWorks, so that, in a relatively simple way, we are able to automate any product regardless of its complexity.
DriveWorks Pro is able to take the input data from a database or filter the data entered by hand to ensure the product’s manufacturing capability. You can also send the obtained documentation to any person, database, ERP or any other service of the company. In this way, we link all the departments involved in processing an order.

DriveWorks Pro is capable of taking input from a database or filtering hand input to ensure the manufacturability of the required product. It can also send the obtained documentation to any person, database, ERP or any other service in the company. By doing so, we link all the departments involved in the management of an order.

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Key Features

The main characteristic of the program is that it is an open platform with multiple ports ready to interact with the whole company.

The following features of this powerful tool should be highlighted:

  • Integrated in SolidWorks and PDM
  • Creation of rules in a simple way, without the need to program any language. An Excel user is able to manage it
  • Ability to customize data entry forms to customer’s liking
  • The end user does not have to be an expert in the product you are configuring.
  • Deliverable in any format: Word, Excel, PDF,
  • Connection with Oracle databases, SQL, etc.
  • Possibility of creating workflows to ensure process traceability (order life cycle)
  • Full integration with your company: CRM, CAD, ERP

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Types of licenses

Depending on the needs and characteristics that are prevented, there is a variety of licenses with different characteristics:

  • DriveWorks Pro: our preferred license and the one that offers all the potential, essential for work teams involved with the rest of the company
  • DriveWorks Solo: if you work alone, hence its name
  • DriveWorksExpres: to get started and learn without investing extra money, is built into the SolidWorks license

Comparative chart of all of them in the following link.

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