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We have focused and become experts in UNIQUE software for every service we offer.

After an initial period of SAMAT, where we acquired one software for each client who asked us for a service, we found that we could not satisfy all clients and that being experts in everything is not cost-effective. So, with the experience and observing the market, we found that the standards were SolidWorks for 3D CAD modeling, ANSYS for advanced calculation, DriveWorks as Product Configurator and Liftdesigner for the elevator sector.

We are strong supporters of legal licenses and currently have the following licenses: SolidWorks (4), DriveWorks (2), ANSYS (1), Liftdesigner (we are official distributors) and Office 365 (7).

DriveWorksPro software

DriveWorks Pro

Product configurator to automate SolidWorks models and engineering, technical office, and sales processes.

ansys software


The market-leading structural analysis and calculation software. Any solution, at your fingertips. Any analysis, accurate. Optimize your investment.

digipara liftdesigner software

DigiPara Liftdesigner

A reference software in the elevator industry for obtaining detailed installation drawings for any elevator.



To empower your Excel, SolidWorks, PDM, Liftdesigner, ANSYS, SpaceClaim, DriveWorks We boost the potential of these tools by programming.

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    Digipara Liftdesigner Software
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