Custom mechanical design

We work to optimize the design of your products and your investment.


We design your machine, tooling and structure according to your requirements.

Whether it's a project your company is currently developing, a project they plan to start in a short time, or a future possibility, you can count on our mechanical design experts to take part in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Collaborative projects are our strength, but if you need a ready to go project we will provide fully detailed deliverables for manufacturing and commissioning.

5 Reasons to hire SAMAT for your custom mechanical design

Reason 1: We know the physical, engineering and manufacturing principles necessary to develop your designs. As obvious as it may seem, always confirm that your supplier knows them in depth. Reason 2: Serving various industries, we are experts at transferring technology from one to another. "We would never have thought that..." is a phrase we hear from our customers. Reason 3: We have great relationships with partners that complement our know-how. This gives us a more complete and comprehensive service, so we can give you centralized solutions with our specialized project management. Razón 4: Security is our obsession. From the end user to the installer, manufacturer,... no risks. Razón 5: We do not deliver a project until the customer fully approves. New needs or changes always arise, we understand it and we are flexible to adapt.

SAMAT design method

Our work philosophy avoids us to obtain a solution that does not meet the customer’s requirements. It is impossible to fail!
Although engineering and innovation projects have, for the most part, some uncertainty, our methodology corrects this undesired element. See attached graphic and following paragraphs on the subject.

Starting data

The baseline data is the most important phase of the project in which the client and the SAMAT team must be in constant touch. It is the foundation of the project and the one that guarantees the final result. We will dedicate the necessary time to this.



In this stage we make an advanced sketch of the general idea with enough wefts to validate the final solution. Design engineers and calculators are involved. The results are submitted to the client for approval. Any necessary iteration will improve the final solution thanks to the design-calculation cycle.

Final design

With the client’s approval of the pre-design, the detailed engineering and all the phases are developed to obtain the contracted deliverables. Further revisions by the client guarantee success… and new collaboration projects! -> Did you know that 80% of our customers have collaborated with us again?


Are you thinking about hiring an engineers’ team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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