Additional value of your R&D&I

Public administrations appreciate your effort in investing in R&D&I, it is your right!

Innovation is extremely beneficial for your company, but there are side advantages that you should be well acquainted with.

Indeed, we are all more or less aware of the need to innovate. That has a prize, and from SAMAT we can guide you in how to take advantage of your investment that, the greater it is, the greater will be the side benefits that we hope to help you exploit.

5 Reasons to hire SAMAT to boost your R&D&I

Reason 1: Master in Innovation Management. We know how to organize the technical department and projects to make the most of the tax advantages.

Reason 2: It is your right, there are several options and SAMAT will guide you in the best way. Tax relief through projects or through departments is a matter of personalized analysis.

Reason 3: The tax credit goes directly into your pocket, we’ll point you in the right direction. And, therefore, it is a source of additional income that must be considered.

Reason 4: We will show you how to become an Innovative company recognized by the Government. It is a label that is worth obtaining and that will bring you additional benefits that we would like to share with you.

Reason 5: You will be able to compete for projects in state administration. This certification is essential for this.

What is the UNE EN 166001

The 166000 series of standards is aimed at the standardization of both specific technological innovation projects (UNE 166001) and the global management of innovation and technological development of a company (UNE 166002), in order to be a reference for the definition, documentation and development of R+D+i projects. These regulations have been conceived especially as an aid to SMEs, so it is expected that these rules are seen as a tool and a encouragement to address the tasks and projects of R & D as a basic element to increase their competitiveness.

What is the seal of an innovative company?

Having the SME Innovative Seal means that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness identifies you as an accredited innovative company. This seal gives you a series of very interesting tax benefits. The registration of your company as an innovative SME is completely free and is quite simple to complete.

What tax advantages can I get

Tax concessions and bonuses are among the instruments available to the administration to boost business innovation. Tax incentives are based on corporate tax deductions for research and development and/or technological innovation projects. Subsidies on the company’s Social Security contribution for research staff.

These tools are horizontal in nature, and their application is free and general (there is no competitive concurrence). They are aimed at stimulating private sector initiative, without conditioning the innovative scope to which the company is oriented (they are not limited to certain areas or initiatives).

SectorsEngineering for R&D

Transport of goods

The transport of goods: trucks, trailers, containers, ... and their auxiliary tools

Handling and storage

We focus on safety and on ensuring that your equipment is reliable


Experts in the vertical transport of people and loads: lifts, elevators, elevating platforms, cranes...


Although little digitalized this sector, we contribute our grain of sand to innovative companies

Get to know the SAMAT method

Mechanical engineering services at a high level of customization, with high productivity increases.




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Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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