Technical files of lift refurbishment

These sorts of reports, although not excessively complex, are very time consuming, as they are usually very extensive. Relying on us you will have countless advantages.

Expediente tecnico reforma ascensores

What happens if we modify the components in an elevator?

If these components have a certain relevance in the elevator instalation, it is necessary to guarantee that this modification is in accordance with the current regulations as stated in Annex V of Royal Decree 88/2013.
In our case we usually base it on compliance with the UNE-EN 81-20 and UNE-EN 81-50 standards, although there are many more.

¿Which are the lift components that can be reformed? There are many, but the list the most common: speed limiter, parachute, machine, cables, doors, control, guides…

How do we guarantee that the replaced components comply with the UNE-EN 81-20 and UNE-EN 81-50 standards?


In the technical files for lift refurbishment all the following information for the installation must be collected:

  • where it is located
  • what kind of lift it is
  • How fast it moves
  • The route
  • The maximum load it can carry
  • …etc

On the other hand, it must be indicated the components to be replaced, accrediting that they comply with the current regulations, through the certification and declaration of conformity of those components.

The steps to follow to create the technical file for lift renovation are:

Information gathering.

Information review.

Perform normative calculations.

Reflect all the necessary information in a document.


Information gathering

Expediente técnico reforma ascensor
Once we are well aware of which components need to be replaced in the lift, all the information about them must be collected.

And… what information is required to compile a technical file for the modification of a lift? All that refers to the components to be replaced:

  • Certificates and declarations of conformity of the component (if required)
  • Component drawings
  • Information about how it works
  • … etc

It is important to have all the basic data of the installation already mentioned.

Information review

Once all this information is in our Mechanical Engineering it is time to examine and process it . That is, to analyze which documents must be included or which are missing in order for the information to be correct. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

Perform normative calculations

Do you always have to do regulatory calculations for a major modification in an elevator? The answer depends on which installation components have been replaced.

That is to say, we will have to analyze if the substitution of the components influences the guides, the cables or the pulley to give some examples.

As in the previous step, we are in charge of analyzing which changes require a calculation and of course to make them with our internal tools. We will also present the results of each of the operations carried out.

All this has to be carried out in order to verify that each of the components is in accordance with current regulations and can be used in the installation of the lift.

Information about how it works

The last step consists in arranging all this information in a document, correctly structured as we have already stated. This will be used by the notified body in charge of verifying the documentation in order to be able to prove that the changes made are in accordance with the standard.

In SAMAT engineering we have internal tools that reduce delivery times dramatically.


These types of reports, although not excessively complex, consume a great deal of time in the technical office, as they are usually very extensive.

In Ingeniería SAMAT we carry out the report for you in a fast and efficient way, obtaining the advantages listed on the next box.


  • We know the regulations in detail, so we will know how to act on each case.
  • We have internal macros to reduce the time of report elaboration.
  • The final document is linked to our standard calculation Excel so there is no need to transcribe the results.


In the final documentation we can be mentioned as Lift Reform Technical File Developer Engineers or if you wish we can put your credentials.


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