Sales process in the elevator

The technology and processes used by multinationals, at your fingertips and customized for you.

Nowadays, it is essential to be able to offer your elevators in an efficient, automatic and reliable way, without depending on your valuable technicians.

In a very short period of time, the company that does not provide an immediate, reliable and quality offer will be excluded from the final customer selection process. To do this, it is necessary to automate this process so that they can offer the customer, via web, and immediately, the following data:
- A complete and faithful plan of their needs
- A true cost and delivery time
- A photo of the decorated cabin

From SAMAT, thanks to Liftdesigner and other automatic processes, we are able to carry out an implantation in this area with full guarantees.

5 Reasons to hire SAMAT to automate your sales process

Reason 1: It’s not an adventure, it’s a reality. Success is assured.

Reason 2: It is a standard service demanded by customers. Soon it will cease to be a competitive advantage becoming a commodity. The latter won’t be the first, of course.

Reason 3: We are official distributors of DigiPara in Spain. We have the confidence of Andreas Fleischmann and his team to serve you on your behalf.

Reason 4: Open source. You will not be held captive by us, we will teach you to maintain your projects and to be autonomous. We are not interested in your team being attentive to us in order to evolve.

Reason 5: We know in depth a Product Configurator. If your company does not have a configurator or needs to implement a more powerful one, we are DriveWorks Services Partners and we can help you in the implementation.

I want an offer now!

We are constantly told that end customers need an offer as quickly as possible. This is only possible if we automate the procurement of stakeouts and installation plans. The fastest, easiest and cheapest way is through the implementation of industry-specific software: DigiPara Liftdesigner Enterprise Automation.

Process Automation

Obtain the layouts via the web, prepare a formal offer, select the ideal elevator for the customer’s needs and send him an email with all this information automatically. The powerful combination of Liftdesigner + DriveWorks + SAMAT, will make possible what, not long ago, was only available to multinationals.

Get the elevator that fits your customer

These processes offer us an added advantage, we can offer the customer the elevator he requires according to their needs or preferences: that fits the shaft, or with more car surface, or the most energy-efficient, the cheapest, … What more attributes can you think of to include them in your selection?


Are you thinking about hiring an engineers' team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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