Lift cars against COVID-19

Expert engineers perform lift car and lift shaft comprehensive calculations to guarantee the air renewal in order to avoid COVID risk.

Cálculo evacuación aire cabina y hueco ascensor - Lucha COVID

Accurate calculation of the lift car's air release

For our friends in the lift industry

We can offer you a project to accurately calculate the air release rate from a lift car, as well as that of the air in the lift shaft itself. Such project allows us to offer you a solution to guarantee a proper car lift airflow against the risk of COVID and other harmful particles.
A multidisciplinary team will be in charge of the study, that will include:

  • Improvements in passive or active cabin airflow and an assessment on thermal comfort.
  • Best implementation solutions for forced evacuation in case of emergency.
  • Recommendations for generic car lifts as well as specific detailed studies in case of one-off installations.

Depending on the client’s needs, different levels of simulations and designs will be offered in order to improve the cabin design response to COVID19:

  1. A study of the air flow when people is in the car lift. Said study will display air renewal rates in 3D.
  2. A thermal study of air flow when people is in the car lift, showing the ratios related to air renewal, relative humidity, people’s breath, detailed air movement inside the lift car,etc. An advanced assessment of thermal comfort will be carried out as well.
  3. A more comprehensive study that will add to the foregoing the release of particles of different sizes according to typical particle size when breathing or coughing, capturing the movement of aerosols and droplets in 3D.
  4. A dossier with recommendations and improved designs of ventilation or suggestions of forced ventilation will be also delivered.

In order to carry out these tasks, the following will be taken into account:

  1. The lift type.
  2. The lift shaft where it is installed.
  3. The structure of the lift car.
  4. The number of persons and their breathe.
  5. The lift speed.

The team, led by David Sánchez, will be formed by:

  • Dña. Elena Hernando, expert engineer on lift industry mechanical equipments , specialized on frames and lift cars.
  • D. José María Rodríguez, expert engineer in complete lift design and installation.
  • D. Alberto Acín, industrial engineer specialized in fluid mechanics calculation.

We remain at your disposal.


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