Installation and maintenance

We stand by your side to understand your needs and provide you with concrete mechanical solutions.

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Rely on us as your collaborative engineering to deal with those issues that your supplier does not offer you.

The installation of lifts, as well as their maintenance, are aspects that we take in mind when designing complete lifts, special lifts or components. For this reason, you can trust us if at any time you see the need to complement the work of your supplier, whether it envolves the preparation of additional documentation, design of a special component or look for substitute suppliers.

We are members of AENOR, AECAE and, recently, we have joined FEPYMA, to know first hand what requirements installers and maintenance companies need to improve their day to day and their competitiveness.


Reason 1: We consider the elevator as a whole from the point of view of the manufacturer, componentist, installer and maintainer. Reason 2: We know the current regulations and we are part of the forums where they are created and discussed: AENOR. Reason 3: We are an independent resource at your disposal for technological prospecting and competitive intelligence. Reason 4: From our position and strategy, and by visiting the main trade fairs, we are totally updated with the advances of new products and existing solutions in the market. Reason 5: Our multidisciplinary and experienced team is a guarantee for the success of your projects.

Highly customized solutions

Complete elevator manufacturers do not have unlimited resources and many requests about small elevators go unanswered. At SAMAT, we want to fill that gap with a highly customized design for those needs.

Detailed studies and benchmarking

From the freedom we enjoy thanks to our independence from any other company, we can carry out a detailed study on the market suppliers, both for complete elevators, as well as for components, in the national or international market.

Own design. New technologies.

Rely on SAMAT to develop your product as you need it, from assembly tools to maintenance platforms or custom cabins. Don’t loose competitiveness by not being able to undertake your projects of strategic interest. And keep up to date with new technologies in elevator maintenance with us.


Are you thinking about hiring an engineers’ team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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