Comprehensive Engineering

From the first notion to the last paragraph of the technical file.


We are able to develop EVERY stage of a project within the elevator comprehensive engineering.

What stage of your development are you at? Do you need a validation calculation, the writing of a technical manual or do you need to manufacture and test a prototype? Would you prefer us to undertake the whole project? We can tackle the task you need without any further explanation.

The experience in the Technical Direction of David Sánchez and other strengths and singularities of SAMAT, make any option that would be impossible if you don't have that professional background totally feasible.

5 Reasons to hire SAMAT and its integral engineering

Reason 1: Our overview of the elevator is one of our strengths and we are therefore very competitive. We are highly flexible for any situation or task. We love to design special elevators, but we also feel comfortable preparing standard technical manuals. Razón 3: Reason 3: No one calculates technically like us, especially using the avant-garde ANSYS software.  In addition, if the result of the calculation is not as expected, we will offer you alternative solutions. Reason 4: We can accelerate ongoing projects working in parallel to your team and reduce the time-to-market of your products. Reason 5: We don't just design chassis. Due to our thorough knowledge of the sector, we can approach any project, no matter how special it is.

Design based on your manufacturing and standards

There is no point in designing a revolutionary solution if your production resources are not capable of producing it. For this reason, from the first sketch we are going to take into consideration your production resources: machinery, usual raw material, transformation processes, etc. We will also respect your own quality and design standards so that the final elevator resembles what you would have done yourself.

Structural validation calculations

Montacoches CalculoWe have the experience and the tools to validate your elevator components.

We calculate all the variations that the various components will support as indicated in point of EN 81-50. “The assembly formed by the abutment, guide rails, walls, floor and car roof must have enough mechanical resistance to withstand the stresses applied to it during the normal operation of the lift and during the functioning of the safety devices”.

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the chassis together with the car and other components and check how they will behave in:

  1. Elevator operation
  2. The performance of the parachute
  3. The impact against the puffers
  4. Parachute valve actuation, for hydraulically driven elevators
  5. And other scenarios that our methodology contemplates to ensure the quality of the product.

Machine Roomless Slide Calculations (SCM)

Normally, SCM guide calculations are made in a very approximate way using Excel and a not very precise load distribution on the guides, without taking into consideration the corresponding bending moments.

SAMAT, through ANSYS, has a methodology that allows any elevator model to be validated with all the guarantees, obtaining data down to the last detail, including the reactions in the fixings or the staples’ stress.

Writing of technical files

We can complete the project with the preparation of the technical file of your elevator, regardless of whether you want to certify it by unit, by EU Type model or by quality assurance. All requirements will be compiled and if you need us to intercede for you with your notified body, we will do so to avoid any inconvenience.

Our methodology:

  1. Elevator usage ranges definition
  2. Validation of the selected regulation through a control panel of all the points to be complied with.
  3. Normative calculations of guides, adherence, security and free spaces (pit, escape, etc.)
  4. Creation of generic installation plans and stakeouts
  5. Validation of all components with timely report writing
  6. Preparation of technical manuals for use, maintenance and assembly
  7. Safety certificates for all required components: shock absorbers, door closers, machine brakes, etc.

Manufacturing and testing

As a final service in the development of a complete elevator or particular component, we can manufacture a prototype of the same with the collaboration of auxiliary workshops and carry out tests and validation trials, both in facilities owned by our client or in specialized technology centers of our choice.

Tensiones Ensayo SAMAT 1This comparative chart shows the behavior of the different strain gages placed on the chassis during the test, as opposed to the stresses calculated by SAMAT using the finite element method. Note the convergence of both results, which showed us the correctness of our method, thus validating any other calculation we had to make without incurring more costs of prototypes, assemblies and tests.


Are you thinking about hiring an engineers’ team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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