SAMAT Collaborative Method

Probably, the calculation outsourcing is the act where more responsibility lies in third parties. We want to show you why you can trust SAMAT

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We calculate for you, and with you.

What is the real purpose of the calculation? Even if it doesn't seem so, sometimes you don't have a simple answer, so we'll guide you, if needed, to limit the problem.

Is it necessary to alter the original design depending on the results of the analysis? In this eventuality, we will suggest solutions to avoid the back-and-forth of the model from your technical team to ours. We will offer you the solution that best suits your requirements!

Do you need all the data from the study, analysing the mesh, contour conditions, etc.? Our technical reports will provide you with all the information thanks to the powerful tools that ANSYS offers us to validate a calculation.

Do you want to cover your civil and criminal liability? Done! The reports are signed by professionals with subsidiary civil liability and we deliver the license number of ANSYS to certify that you have hired accredited professionals.


Reason 1: We are an open book. Thanks to the information we will provide you with the report, you would be able to reproduce our analysis without major issues. Reason 2: We can offer you the best calculation option No nos interesa invertir más tiempo de lo necesario en su proyecto, le buscaremos la solución ideal. Reason 3: High quality detailed reports. Any expert in FEM calculations will be able to check the quality of the calculation performed. Reason 4: Ongoing communication with the client. We will suggest improvements to your design before, during and at the end to make it safe. Reason 5: ANSYS, as a guarantee. And if all of the above is not enough, we can agree to deliver the calculation model made: this option goes against our know-how policy, but in specific situations, we can consider it.

We will focus the problem and… the solution

After the first contact with the customer’s issue to be solved, we compile all the necessary information: 3D models, materials, loads and efforts, applicable regulations,…

It is also important to know in depth what the client requires: validate a specific model, evaluate several options, emulate a physical test, etc. You have to know exactly what it is calculated for! With this information, we will be able to propose the best methodology: calculating is not putting a 3D in a software, hitting a button and getting a color map. It’s a lot more than that. And we want to make the most of it for you.

What happens during the calculation process

The first point to know is that the customer will be informed of the evolution of the calculation at all times. We will not wait until the last minute to tell you how your team behaves, we will anticipate everything possible so that you can take the appropriate steps. We know this can happen and we are flexible to react.

If all goes well, you will also be informed and we will draw up a technical report with all the process carried out.

And if the calculation does not go as we expected?

We will advise you to modify the model in the best way and, if it seems appropriate to you, we will redesign it ourselves. After that, we will continue until we find the final validation.


Are you thinking about hiring an engineers’ team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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