Mechanical and structural analysis

Static, dynamic, non-linear, fatigue, ... calculations using the finite element method

We will check all possible actions on your equipment to confirm its functional integrity and safety.

Static linear calculations: we face any geometry no matter how complicated it is and with the calculation situations required. Non-linear calculations: either by material, contour conditions or bolted joints. Dynamic calculations: load variation with time, modal analysis, vibrations, seismic. Advanced calculations: fatigue, impact, composite materials.

ALWAYS on the safety side for your peace of mind.

ANSYS opened the doors to numerous sectors and companies that can only be approached by the best. 40.000 companies are clients of this software in the world, among them, 96 companies of the 100 big industrial corporations.


Reason 1: We know what the Finite Element Method (FEM). Is too often we notice in third parties that there is no technical basis for their calculations. The use of calculation software does not necessarily imply a knowledge: “FEM makes a good engineer better, and a bad one, very dangerous”.

Reason 2: We don’t just calculate.  We know you don’t just need a color photo. We accompany you in the necessary changes in function of the results and we repeat (design/calculation) as much as it is necessary.

Reason 3: We are legally licensed ANSYS. Subcontracting to third parties that do not justify the use of legal software, makes you incur in crime according to the current law of Intellectual Property.

Reason 4: Flexible to work with your regulations. As important as the calculation and the software is the applicable regulation, and we are experts in adapting.

Reason 5: Experienced and multidisciplinary team. The experience of our specialists and the knowledge of our collaborators is a definitive guarantee and valued by our clients.

Calculate while designing

Unpleasant sorrows and surprises will be avoided if you incorporate the structural analysis process into your design phase. Do not wait until you have completed the product to validate it. From SAMAT Engineering we can lead you, together with your team, to the best solution and, surely, to the most profitable for your pocket.

Avoid unnecessary testing and prototyping

It is always necessary to perform physical tests, and sometimes mandatory by certain regulations applicable to their developments, but do not get lost in tests and errors until the final validation. The structural calculation allows you to know in advance, in a very estimated way, how the test will turn out, so that, if we are able to validate the test-calculation tandem, it will only be necessary to carry out a single test since the calculation can be reused as often as necessary without large investments, opposite of what happens with a long series of tests.

Analyze options not considered because of their complexity

The simulation will allow you to consider solutions that would not have been included in other circumstances due to the exorbitant cost that this would entail. Trust us to propose different scenarios and solutions and opt for the most efficient one.

Optimize your investment

You have a budget to carry out your projects and ideas, which you can optimize through accurate analysis and calculation. With expert staff and tools such as ANSYS, we can reduce your expenditure on prototypes, reduce time-to-market, we can obtain a cheaper geometry, avoid unnecessary reinforcements, reduce the thickness of parts, weight, material, cost…


Are you thinking about hiring an engineers' team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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