Calculations automation

We avoid repetitive tasks that do not add value and involve a high risk of error, which greatly increases the value of the calculation specialists' work.

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If you have a configurable product we can automate the calculations, saving time and increasing efficiency.

After months of development, we have been able to create macros, scripts and a methodology to reduce the time in certain structural analyses. We are capable of parameterizing your model, as well as the load cases and combinations, making the most of the time and resources.

Likewise, if you are an ANSYS user we can provide you very productive tools to perform these tasks yourself. We automate: model cleaning, load scenarios, constraints and boundary conditions, as well as the final reports and the link of results to Excel.

5 Reasons to hire SAMAT to automate calculations

Reason 1: We are experts in parameterization. We can parameterize from both the 3D model and the calculation model. Reason 2: Exponential time savings I. We have managed to go from 5 hours of work to 2 minutes in the process of obtaining average surfaces. Reason 3: Exponential time savings II. We have managed to successfully reduce the time required by 90% through automation of the load cases and their subsequent combinations. Reason 4: Exponential time savings III. We are now capable of obtaining a technical report automatically, thus saving many hours in this process. Reason 5: Exponential time savings IV. By applying boundary conditions we can also substantially reduce the time spent on this task, which is sometimes very tedious and error-prone.

A competitive advantage over emerging markets

Due to time and information management reasons, it is difficult that in a new design of, for example, a crane, all the existing options are considered according to the hundreds of variables that govern it, as all those combinations are unmanageable. Until now. Now we can automate the calculations and parameterize the crane, so we can choose from all possible configurations, the best.

In such a competitive market, the expansion of your company should not be limited. Automation is a major advantage to compete and increase efficiency. While emerging markets hire hundreds of engineers to compete against you, you can take advantage of the automation of calculations to counteract them.

How to take advantage of our automated developments


There are two ways to take advantage of our research development:

  • If you are not an ANSYS user: we will develop the solution and execute it when necessary, with a pay-per-use according to your needs.
  • If you are an ANSYS user: you can acquire our tools and we will implement them to be effective from the very first minute.

Are you thinking about hiring an engineers’ team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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