Whether you need to validate an existing final product or you are in the design phase, we provide value through calculation.

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We structurally analyze the behavior and integrity of your designs.

At SAMAT we are experts on predicting the future... of a metal structure, a machine, a crane, a support, an axle, etc. through the analysis their foreseeable behavior according to the working conditions to which they are going to be subjected. We have the world's leading software, ANSYS, being the smallest engineering company in Spain with a license of this type and the only one in Zaragoza.

We make linear, non-linear, fatigue, welded and bolted joints, impacts... everything necessary to be on the side of safety and based on the regulations demanded by the customer: Eurocode, EAE, CTE, ASCI 360, NCh, etc.

We have our own method for automating calculations that allows us to be agile, fast, maintaining the efficiency of the calculation, but achieving extremely short delivery times for the industry standard.


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SAMAT Collaborative Method

Probably, the calculation outsourcing is the act where more responsibility lies in third parties. We want to show you why you can trust SAMAT

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Calculations automation

We avoid repetitive tasks that do not add value and involve a high risk of error, which greatly increases the value of the calculation specialists' work.


Are you thinking about hiring an engineers’ team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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