Sales Automation

Automation doesn't start in the technical office, the sales team is the spearhead.

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Your company's sales team needs a Sales Configurator to guide them through the technical process.

In many industries, it is a competitive advantage to have a wide product range, which allows many configurations, able to customize the solution for the customer. But there are many problems. One of them is that it limits the manoeuvrability of the sales team due to the complexity of the product. This is over. Let's simplify the process through automation.

The ultimate sales configurator

CristinaLanzaEstructuraDriveWorks, as a sales configurator, can also be used to guide your customers to the right purchasing decision, based on their budgets and requirements. This guided sales approach identifies opportunities to promote higher-value products and develop other revenue streams, such as after-sales service packages, add-ons, and warranties.

Making your products easy to buy, as well as easy to sell, helps you to build closer relationships with your customers, develops brand loyalty, and positively impacts the entire sales process and the way you deliver products to market.

The union with the technical office and planning

A sales configurator along with design automation closes the gap between the initial sales query and the delivered product, with more accurate costing. Add links from the configurator to your MRP, ERP and CRM software systems and you have a complete solution that not only tells you the cost of a product, but can also determine client-specific pricing and schedule deliveries based on available resources, stock levels and delivery times, all of which can be viewed from the Configurator.

Know more about what a sales configurator is: What is a sales configurator?

Advantages of saying YES to sales automation

Give support to your sales team!


  1. Automated products -> Sales tecnician dedicated exclusively to sell
  2. Accurate offers in terms of both cost and delivery
  3. Immediate response to the first offer or subsequent changes required by the client
  4. The sales team prepares the way for the rest of the organization, as the product is defined in this phase
  5. Prestige and brand positioning improvement.

Disadvantages of saying NO to sales automation

Guide your clients´ decision!


  1. The team does not have all the technical solutions and must inform Engineering to provide one.
  2. Unreliable offers, both in prices and delivery times.
  3. The modifications represent a major concern because of the issues emerged on their management.
  4. The overall management of the processes is difficult, devoting too much effort instead of using that effort on selling, and the product is not fully defined.
  5. The value of the team is compromised.

Why and how we achieve it


  1. All product engineering as well as product options are imbedded in the configurator.
  2. All cost and delivery time calculations are made by connecting to the company’s databases to obtain current values.
  3. The changes do not make the process difficult because the configurator already has the model updated to the smallest change introduced by the customer.
  4. After the customer’s agreement, everything is defined and the only thing left to do is to launch the appropriate processes in the rest of the organization.
  5. Giving an automatic response to a client, truthful and complete, offers an image of value and guarantee against the competitors.

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