Automation of 3D models

We have a well studied and refined methodology due to a long experience in different fields.

Modelo3D Portada

We use the market standard, DriveWorks, as Product Configurator for the automation of 3D models due to its power, versatility and parameterization capacity.

Starting from the elevator sector, and after a decade of continuous improvement, SAMAT has a 3D CAD modeling methodology and development of assemblies that can be automated by DriveWorks in a unique way. The main achievement is a huge time saving, up to 95%.

Choosing the right partner and software is essential

In order to start a project of implantation of any software, two premises must be fulfilled: the right choice of the software that best suits your requirements, and the hiring of expert staff that is capable of carrying out a successful implantation.

SAMAT is Service Partner of DriveWorks Ltd., another guarantee that your projects will be a success. We are the only non-English speaking European company to have this important recognition. Therefore, by relying on us, you will comply with one of the above mentioned premises.6A37EFA3 F97A 4874 B385 7115CB135F1A

After working with of several product configurators, and based on our experience, we finally decided to choose DriveWorks, for the reasons shown in this blog post. When a client follows our advice on choosing to work with both SolidWorks and DriveWorks, they have already taken the most important step and have succeeded with the first premise mentioned.

Phases of an automation of 3D CAD models


FINAL 01A 3D model not only has to be developed to manufacture, we have to provide it a versatility that enhances and values its use:

  1. Operations, Parts and Assemblies correctly renamed
  2. General organization (folders)
  3. Appropriate choice of origin and main drawings
  4. Management/selection of operations
  5. Assembly instructions
  6. Avoid the use of dependences
  7. Manufacturing drawing + DXF with relationships to parts/assemblies
  8. Use of properties that bring us benefits

Product and engineering rules

AutoModelos3D ReglasDeProductoThe product rules will allow us to edit different parameters within our model, such as:
1. Choice of name/denomination and location of the final files.
2. General modification of dimensions.
3. Activate/Off/Edit operations.
4. Link of input parameters with the final model.
5. Programming and use of variables.
6. Placement/Autoscale of views in drawings.
7. Charts references/prices/properties reading.
8. A proper management of component configurations.

File management

AutoModelo3D GestionArchivosIt is essential in the automation of a 3D model to take advantage of file management, so that we can provide the system with the following functions:

  1. Registration of components in specific routes.
  2. Automatic component coding management.
  3. Accurate information about spare parts stock for replacements.
  4. Avoiding duplicate registrations of parts already registered before..
  5. Versions of components and drawings to check who has edited what.
  6. Suitable output file format selection.
  7. Clustering deliverables into a target folder.
  8. Full control of order versions.

Advantages of 3D model automation

Not automating is much more expensive.


  1. 95% time saving on CAD models achivement.
  2. Error-free production documentation achievement.
  3. After-sales elimination.
  4. Parameterized models developed without dependency.
  5. PDM and 3D automation management to handle the model innovations.

Disadvantages of NOT automating 3D models

Working without automating is much more expensive.


  1. Each technician has a different working method, what hampers teamwork.
  2. The drawings´ settings are not accurate.
  3. The models are used to manage after-sales.
  4. No one is able to edit models developed by another technician.
  5. A similar model is used as starting point and to track further innovations becomes impossible.


Reason 1: All the manual process to adapt a 3D model is automated, reducing drastically the required time.

Reason 2: As the process is validated and automatic, the manufacturing drawings are obtained without failure.

Reason 3: By obtaining all the information to manufacture without errors, we will not have after-sales problems due to manufacturing defects.

Reason 4: The model automation avoids dependencies between parts and processes, eliminating the subsequent issues.

Reason 5: We will always know where to use each piece.


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