Engineering Services

We provide value in the most important processes of your department, from design, through structural calculation to the automation of these processes.

Advanced engineering services, adding value to your product and freeing up your own resources

Boost your own R&D and innovation with our methods and our powerful skills in engineering and project management. Focus on Industry 4.0 from the ground up by optimizing your engineering and technical office processes, as well as your production or sales team.

Connect all the departments of your company thanks to the integration that provides optimal structural planning. Have the same technological tools and optimized designs used by elevator worldwide corporations.

Elevator engineering

Cálculo evacuación aire cabina y hueco ascensor - Lucha COVID

Lift cars against COVID-19

Expert engineers perform lift car and lift shaft comprehensive calculations to guarantee the air renewal in order to avoid COVID risk.

Expediente tecnico reforma ascensores

Technical files of lift refurbishment

These sorts of reports, although not excessively complex, are very time consuming, as they are usually very extensive. Relying on us you will have countless advantages.


Complete elevator design

We work to optimize the Standard elevator design and ensure quality in the Special Elevators.


ConfiguradorVentas 01

Sales Automation

Automation doesn't start in the technical office, the sales team is the spearhead.

AutoProcesos Portada 01

Process automation

How to automate 3D models, document management and the order steps using a Technical Configurator.

Modelo3D Portada

Automation of 3D models

We have a well studied and refined methodology due to a long experience in different fields.


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SAMAT Collaborative Method

Probably, the calculation outsourcing is the act where more responsibility lies in third parties. We want to show you why you can trust SAMAT

AutoCalculos 01

Calculations automation

We avoid repetitive tasks that do not add value and involve a high risk of error, which greatly increases the value of the calculation specialists' work.

Ingeniería para su I+D

Are you thinking about hiring an engineers’ team?

Make your idea a fact, save costs and time in your product manufacturing or validate your mechanical calculations to avoid manufacturing errors.

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