Handling and storage

We focus on safety and on ensuring that your equipment is reliable


We certify your work tools, shelves, structures,...

Occasionally, customers work with tools that, although designed in good faith and can be used by operators, do not comply with adequate safety measures or are not certified to handle the cargo they carry.
You can count on us to definitively validate your tools, whatever they may be, and to certify their safety.

Experience + Appropriate tools = Safety
With our methodology, your shelves, structures with hoists, tools and handling tools will be safe. We will travel to your facilities to measure them, take samples and create a digital model in our computers to simulate their behavior and know the safety factor with which they are really working.

It is essential that this be so, and if a modification is necessary, we will personalize the design.
The people in charge of Prevention of Labor Risks, as well as the chiefs of Maintenance, have in us an ally to fulfill both their obligations and the current safety laws.

It is priceless to work safely, well it is, and it is certainly affordable.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 enablers by Diputación General de Aragón


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