Freight transport

The transport of goods: trucks, trailers, containers, ... and their auxiliary tools


Calculations and automations in the Transport sector

This is a very important sector for us, as it represents 15% of our turnover annual dedication. The main services we offer are those related to the analysis and design automations.
Every year, we have more and more experience and knowledge in this sector than we have in the past, what enables us to face new challenges with new customers.

Applications in the sector
Our knowledge in transversal activities to the engineering of other sectors allows us, for this sector:

  • To develop, design and calculate the structures located in your trailer to transport the cargo safely and complying with current regulations, for example, for gas bottles.
  • Carry out the analysis of your containers in order to be transported by ship or support seismic actions in Japan.

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    Photo by Jan Cristopher Becke
  • To automate the designs and organize your PDM to optimize the document management in your engineering departments and technical office.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 enablers by Diputación General de Aragón.

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