Although little digitalized this sector, we contribute our grain of sand to innovative companies


Metallic structures

With our Method, your shelves, structures with hoists, tools and construction tools will be safe.

Our main service

Within construction we offer various services, but mainly, the most demanded is validation through structural analysis. We add value in the development of products or tools with different uses within this sector, such as, clips pieces of responsibility for the fastening of curtain walls, or in the validation of special forms to obtain the range of work, and even the limit of resistance of ceramic slats for facades.

Whenever you have to validate, improve or optimise a construction element, of whatever material, no matter its size or the final use it is going to suffer, do not hesitate to contact us for that task. We will analyse how it behaves during the entire life phase of the product: planned actions, overloads, wind, earthquake, stress,…

Digital model for metal structures

Metallic structures deserve special mention. We will go to your facilities to measure the structure, take samples and create a digital model in our computers to simulate their behavior and determine the safety factor with which they are working, an important task to validate the behavior of structural racks for the supply of pipes or auxiliary equipment.
Once the analysis report has been made, if a modification is necessary, we will design the most suitable solution for you.

There is no price to work safely, in fact there is, but it is affordable without any doubt and it is much cheaper than not doing it.

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