Ethical and deontological codes

Ethical and deontological codes

Ethical Code

All members of the SAMAT professional team must respect the following points, not only because
they could be considered a crime, but also because they would be inappropriate:

  • The professional secrecy and confidentiality of the data to which one has access, both of
    SAMAT itself and of its clients, will be respected.
  • The intellectual property of our clients' projects will be respected and enforced, without
    using it for any particular or business purpose.
  • No information or comments that could directly or indirectly damage the image of SAMAT or its clients will be disseminated.
  • The appropriate distinction between personal and professional aspects in the work environment will always be maintained.

Code of Ethics

1.Scope of application

This code applies to all members of SAMAT Engineering.

2. Principles

The following are principles of the conduct code of SAMAT members:

  1. The safety of our customers, suppliers and collaborators will be considered as the main value.
  2. We will always act with professionalism and responsibility.
  3. In all actions SAMAT members must be whole and objective.
  4. Loyalty must be shown to the company, its customers and, above all, to society.
  5. No improper work of our professional nature will be performed
  6. The environment will be respected and we will bet for a sustainable development.
  7. Support will be given to any activity that benefits SAMAT and the prestige of the profession, without contradicting these deontological duties.
  8. The work will be based on fellowship and a good relationship among the members of the team.

3. Obligations of SAMAT staff

It is the duty of SAMAT members to know and fulfill the following obligations:

  1. The present ethical and deontological code
  2. To think and act for the common good of the company and of the clients rather than one’s own, professionally speaking.
  3. Guided by the principle of professional integrity, one’s own mistakes will be recognised without distorting the facts.
  4. It will be assumed in all the cases that concern him the responsibility of his acts.
  5. The person in charge will be warned of the impossibility or inability to carry out the tasks if they turn out to be so.
  6. Confidentiality of any information belonging to or relating to SAMAT and its customers that are not public knowledge will be kept and the information will be protected from being transferred to third parties.
  7. No information from SAMAT or its clients will be taken in any format or through any external communication.
  8. Refrain from using his or her position and/or knowledge for his or her own illicit benefit or that of a third party.
  9. Improve their professional and competency level as much as possible, as well as make their colleagues improve favoring the professional development of all members of SAMAT.
  10. Bring to the management’s attention any information that is understood to be harmful to the company and its customers, suppliers or collaborators.
  11. Gifts from customers or suppliers of any nature will not be accepted under any circumstances.

4. Responsibilities of SAMAT

The management of SAMAT Engineering is committed to its employees, suppliers, civil society and its customers with the following obligations, whether or not they have legal or criminal consequences:

  1. The client is the focus of SAMAT’s attention and all its activity will be developed to meet their fair needs in accordance with the agreements reached between the two companies, even though this could lead to losses for SAMAT itself.
  2. All SAMAT members will be treated fairly by offering them a contract and economic and social consideration in accordance with their dignity and professional worth, without discrimination on the basis of gender, culture or religion.
  3. No SAMAT employee will be offered working conditions that denigrate his/her personal and professional dignity, such as false self-employment, assignment of workers to third parties, improper use of internships and contracts of work experience or contracts below his/her professional qualification.
  4. The profits obtained by the commercial activity will be, in part, returned to the society, as much by the pertinent taxes as by other social and/or charitable works.
  5. No agreements will be reached with companies that develop offensive weaponry and/or that attempt against the resolutions of the united nations.



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